Frequently Asked Questions

Balance Enquiry, Cash Withdrawal and Mini Statement.

AePS/Micro ATM System is easy to use, safe and secure payment platform to avail benefits by using Debit card, ATM card and Biometric devices.

  • Branch deposit
  • CDM deposit
  • Net banking (Payment gateway)
  • Same/Other bank transfer

Yes, a retailer can become a distributor. call our customer care at +91-9303769601 or sign up form available in our website.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems (AePS) is a unique service that allows customers to conduct banking transactions from their account using their fingerprint.

No. You should not charge customer for this service. You will receive commission for your transaction.

With Micro ATM you can provide cash withdrawal transactions using any bank’s debit card and PIN. Only cash withdrawals and balance enquiry can be done through Micro ATM.

In an unfortunate scenario, if a transaction fails, the customer’s money will be reversed into their account within 7 working days as per bank/NPCI guidelines. You can call our customer care at +91-9303769601 or check the mini-statement to check the reversal.

Transaction confirmation SMS is sent to the mobile number captured by the retailer while initiating the transaction

Maximum ₹10000 can be withdrawn per transaction. Total cash withdrawal amount is decided by the issuing bank.

‘Move to Bank’ refers to transferring your trade balance to your linked bank account. This option is available under ‘MOVE TO BANK’ in mobile app and in side column section in web portal.